What We do  

We work at the very base of India-her villages. As Gandhiji, the father of our nation said: “The roots of India lie in her villages.
If we are not able to uplift her people, there can be no sustainable future for India”.

Taking a leaf out of his life, we empower villagers to lead a better life through a slew of different means like:

  • Provide infrastructure for rural education and build confidence in children.
  • Provide Basic health care for rural population.
  • Be the voice of villagers in engaging with Government departments and work toward implementing various welfare schemes.

As a first step, we have adopted the Krishnapur village school in the far flung district of Tumkur in the state of Karnataka.
Here we have constructed class rooms and toilets, brought in computers and teaching aids, provided drinking water,
give away scholarships and educate students about different career paths in an emerging India.

We also support villagers on a ongoing basis by being the voice of the village. We have successfully drawn the attention of the Government on various issues and have got action on things like cleaning the village lake, building a tank bund and addressed the need for mass housing. We are also in the process of providing vocational training in Carpentry and Weaving for the villagers to earn a sustainable livelihood.

As some one once said: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for the rest
of his life”!


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