We were the first organization to adopt a Government school in Tumkur District in the year 2001. So far we have run the organization by raising funds within close circles of family and friends. We are happy to say that the school has been among the best run rural schools in Tumkur and is well known in the rural education circles as among the best in the Karnataka state. Our endeavor is to make the Krishnapur village a model village in the Tumkur district and may be in the Karnataka State as well.

  • Constructed classrooms and collaborated with Government to provide additional classrooms at a overall cost of over Rs. 30,00,000
  • Donated 1.5 acres of Playground to the Government school adopted by us at a cost of Rs. 1,70,000.
  • Enabled construction of Toilets and Compound under the UNICEF scheme by depositing the required amount as prescribed under the scheme.    
  • A library equipped with 7 multimedia enable computers with over 600 Books and many CD’sProvided Furniture, Desks, Charts, reading materials, Sports items, etc., to the school over the past 8 years. 4 Class Room equipped with Solar lights at cost of over Rs. 25,000. 
  • The school now has 250 students up from the 60. 10th standard up from 4th Standard in the year 2001
  • Distributed books, Umbrellas and Shoes to the school children at a cost of over Rs. 50,000.
  • The school is equipped with Projector, printer and UPS and is among the 10 schools in the district to be selected for these facilities
  • Social and cultural events on Independence day and Republic day every year since 2001.
  • Provided Toys, Charts, Furniture and necessary educational material is provided every year.
  • Arranged for guest teachers wherever there is lack of teaching staff.
  • Equip school with TV, DVD Player and Dish TV facilities to enable distance learning – approx cost Rs. 25,000
  • Worked with Vivekananda youth movement, Bangalore to provide 67 DVDs to solve the issue of lack of teachers. The trust functionaries conducted a orientation session for the teachers at the school.
  • Conducted a leadership camp to build confidence in 10th standard students to face exams in coordination with Rotary club Bangalore.
 General developments
  • Constructed a multi purpose “Prartana Mandira” at an expense of over Rs. 40,00,000 which is being used to conduct marriages, Education programs on Yoga/Pranayama and many more events.
  • Over 25 Marriages held in the “Prartana Mandira” since 2008 free of charge. Further the organization fully sponsored 4 marriages of extremely poor background.
  • Food distribution during important annual events and Indian festivals every year since 2008.
  • Week long “Yoga and Pranayama Shibira” for over 40 children and 6 teachers in September 2008. Free Health camp was conducted for over 200 children in 2008.
  • Lake Bund development in coordination with Dhan foundation with Bund measuring over 1.5 kms and is the longest in Pavagada. It doubles up as a road to the nearing villages.

  • Working in coordination with Government agencies on Free houses for 50+ families. Land measuring about acre was donated by our family.
The Village Community Center 

The people of the Krishnapur village always felt the need for a commonly shared place for conducting various activities. After we took over the school, they approached us and requested us to build a Community hall. After due consideration, we decided to do this and have taken up the task of constructing one for the village people. This hall, now serves as a Meditation center and a place to enact cultural programs of the villages.

This place also doubles up as venue for marriage halls for mass marriages and other cultural events.


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