Community Program  

Rural Education

The rural schools in India have abysmally poor infrastructure. Recognizing this we have adopted a rural school in a remote setting. The vision for the Rural education is to have schools with Sufficient Classrooms, Drinking water, Toilets, Fencing, Digitally equipped with computers, Playground. The idea is to have a comprehensive infrastructure matching the Urban private schools so that there is no disparity in the what is available to enable better education. The endeavor is also to reach out to the children and make them better and confident citizens to competitive in the Fast,  Bold World. We believe in holistic development of Individuals and engage with the children at all levels and build confidence through the many programs. 

Career guidance

Most villagers have no information regarding the various career avenues open in an emerging India. For them, the only career seems to be that of a teacher or a lawyer. Understanding this, we decided to hold career guidance meets to inform them of the avenues open to an individual provided he or she moves in the right direction. Till date five such meets have been undertaken in various parts of the Karnataka state and have been very successful in opening up the minds of the villagers.

Medical camps

In addition to the lack of primary healthcare, there is also very poor knowledge among villagers about preventive healthcare. There is also the fact that most villagers have no idea of aliments they could be suffering from. Diabetics, Cataract, Heart aliments and others are quiet common but never known! In order to set this right, we have conducted a free health camp recently with the help of our practicing Doctor members and distributed medication and advise to villagers suffering aliments. In fact, the response was so good that we have decided to conduct these camps on a regular basis.


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