About Us



We are a group of philanthropic citizens trying to do our bit for the development of our country. We truly believe in "Ask not what your country has done for you but ask what you have done for your country".

To take India to the next level means to change the lives of the masses. We believe that true development can take place when citizens in our villages can lead a secure life with better awareness of what's going on around them. This is best achieved through literacy.

Office Bearers (2013-2015)

Office Bearers




Y.P Venkatapaty, Bangalore

Anil.K, Bangalore

Vice President

V.R. Cheluvarajan, Pavagada

Anantharamaiah, Tumkur


K.Kasturi Rangachar, Pavagada

Chandramoulishwara, Venkatapura


K.S.Pranesh Rao, Bangalore

Ravi Samprati, Bangalore

Oraganising Secretary

Deepak Kasturi, Bangalore

Srinivas, Venkatapura

Joint Secretary

K.N.Anjanappa, Krishnapura







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